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Friday, October 13, 2006

Who Moved My Caviar?

That seems to be the reaction of the ruling elite towards the ASLI Report that showed how the 30% equity share had already been achieved.

Instead of using their intelligence to ponder how to overcome the new challenges of aiding all the poor and unconnected citizens of whom there are millions, they chose to demonise the author of the research paper.

It seems to be a classic example described in the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” of how we must always be prepared for change.

One of the interesting items of contention by the EPU is the use of par value for shares instead of the market rate.

This is a very simplistic way to calculate share value.

Is this how Khazanah and other bodies sell the shares to selected parties?

For example if a GLC wanted to sell shares in TNB do they use RM1 par value as the selling price?
The buyer could buy at RM1 and within a year sell at RM9 and then get on the queue for the next hand-out.

The other question that can be answered is, “Was the par value used for the whole period of the NEP or is this a new accounting feature?”

Photo: http://www.911caviar.com/miva/graphics/00000001/caviar-snail.jpg


Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

this whole Asli fracas reeks! Asli disputes its own findings, but they never explain how the PhD reseacher was wrong in the first place. Ministers have said that 1) it's 'sedition' to play with sensitive issues, but 2) contradict themselves with keris-waving pro-Malay antics. 3) And after all this, the Minsiters still say that Asli has not retracted the findings as a result of govt pressure.

Come on! Does the govt think that M'sians are blithering idiots who are almost brain dead? That's what they must think, with the continuing sagas with the cloned APs, police corruption, internal UMNO vote buying, racial politics...etc being such public examples that the system is obviously in need of help.

yellowkingdom said...

A good example of third world mentality. Wasn't it the govt's intention to inculcate critical- thinking skills amongst students and not just academic results. But with the recent statement by our DPM to just accept the govt's data without disclosing how the data was researched simply exposes his lack of critical-thinking skills and of the need to be transparent.


NO, of course there was no pressure on ASLI, they aplogized voluntarily. Our government is always right, and fair and honest. EPU rocks!

Now I wonder if there are any Malaysians really thinking that way right now.

More importantly, I wonder if their skulls are filled with cheese.

And would that cheese be delicious? Or sort of sour tasting.


(Check out todays edition of karipanas at http://www.karipanas.blogspot.com. We have a theory about this ASLI thing, and it is irrefutable.)