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Friday, October 13, 2006

Don’t Hurt My Feelings or That Would Be Sedition?

That seems to be the mantra nowadays when people are questioning the basic assumptions made by the EPU after the furore caused by the ASLI report that the 30% equity target had already been achieved.

Whenever national leaders cannot or do not want to explain anything they simply resort to this veiled threat
to anyone who dares to ask the basic questions like “How, What, When and Why.”

If this nation is to become great, all the studies made by the EPU or any public organization must be put to rigorous public scrutiny.

It seems that some people believe that the public can still be cowed with thinly veiled threats.

This is a more acceptable response and perhaps our MPs should wake up from their 49 years of slumber and save this nation from getting flushed down the drain.

It is timely that the reports on cloned APs are making news as this shows how the NEP has generated all kinds of nefarious activities. Even having 500APs a year or the equivalent of RM12.5m easy money is not sufficient for people who are greedy.

I would even suggest that the excesses of the NEP can cause corruption. Honest civil servants and police can see and feel the conspicuous consumption of the connected cronies who seem to have unlimited wealth.

Maybe it is difficult for the government or the EPU to explain the why and how the income gap has widened dramatically as the affirmative policies have been in place for more than 35 years.

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