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Monday, October 09, 2006

That Apology from LKY

Based on the MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 13 that drew a response of 112 votes, the following is the breakdown of readers’ opinions. Thanks for the feedback.

“LKY Has Spoken the Truth” was picked by 86 readers or 77%

“NEP Policies Help Mainly Cronies” was picked by 11 readers or 10%

“The Government Should Help ALL the POOR” was chosen by 10 readers or 9%

“Some NEP Policies Should Be Corrected” was chosen by 2 readers or 2%

Some readers still believe that

“We Have Complete Trust in our Government” and this was picked by 3 readers or 3%

It seems that the qualified apology from LKY will be considered a correct and appropriate measure for most of my readers.

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