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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Malaysian X-Files – The Case of the Cloned APs

So now we have another case of cloned APs involving another prominent VIP.
It seems as if cars are some invisible goods that cannot be counted and easily traced and some people have been able to abuse the system by cloning APs and bringing in more cars than were allowed thereby putting the local car industry in jeopardy.

Maybe it was a good thing as it provided a shock to local manufacturers to buck up as the price of the AP can cost RM20000 and even then the imported cars were giving the locals a good run for the money.

In the process some people controlling the system also ran with the money and it was reported that the process of getting the AP cloned was about RM15000 each.

Now if the Customs and Police are serious about tracing the masterminds they should question the source vigorously and clean up their backyards.

Today’s back-tracking does not repair the damage and people cannot make casual remarks in front of reporters. Besides the first off-hand comments probably reflect best a person’s state of mind rather than later after some calculated reflection.

For a start the ACA could be directed to check out all the Customs officers handling APs and determine if anyone is living beyond their means and declared assets.

It was also reported that a Minister had purchased a car with a cloned AP. If we follow the law to the letter, that car should be confiscated as evidence.

Naaaw – I don’t think that is going to happen in Bolehland. Hell will freeze over first.


Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

For an awful analogy, you think that if M'sia can send someone to space that they can't get to the root of the APs mystery if they really WANT to???

Like you said, Hell would be a cold place...

H J Angus said...

But we r only going as a space tourist!

Of course tthe guys have to be properly trained but that's it.

We have no rockets etc except the DAP.