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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Great Idea for the Police…..

This is a very good move as it does not cost much and is easy to maintain. Also no clean up of mess created by horses!

The police have taken positive steps to combat crime in the cities and I was pleasantly surprised to pass two cops along Jalan Wong Ah Fook in JB when I was walking towards the main bus stop about a week ago.

They looked quite fresh in their smart uniforms and were on beat duty. That was a reassuring sight.

The use of bicycles is indeed a good move as it also gives our men and women in blue the added benefit of getting some exercise.

I would suggest the following:

• Give the guys and gals the chance to alternate between walking and cycling

• The uniform for cycling is not practical as it is going to be warm with the extra safety jacket. The shirt should be made of a lighter material or even a sports shirt would be more practical. Also the long pants need to be secured with a clip at the bottom or the hem could possibly get caught in moving parts. Sports shoes will improve running capability if a chase is necessary.

I guess this only shows that if top people can come up with good ideas, Malaysia will surely progress.

We should duplicate this scheme in all cities in Malaysia.

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