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Friday, July 13, 2007

Before We Start Praising our Financial Expertise

I find this story a little amusing.
The Second Finance Minister is praising himself on the basis that the government was able to spend all the monies it received in the first half of the year "to create economic growth".

I wonder if the amounts includes the following:

1.RM20m required by the Works Ministry to inspect buildings for shoddy contract works.
2.RM200m compensation to a company for cancelling the "crooked bridge project".
3.RM15m(my guess)compensation to a company for cancelling the Broga incinerator.

Any fool can throw money away,especially if it is taxes of the hard-working raayat who should feel cheated that government projects are started without serious thinking.

In most countries a government will have public hearings and proper studies done before even approving the concept plan and principle. But in Malaysia we dash headlong into awarding a project and then see if anything is wrong. The "crooked bridge" and "Broga" projects are just too recent example.

Maybe you could add a few more like the Bakun dam project etc.

Photo: Thanks to http://www.familycourtchronicles.com/philosophy/wasted/money-to-burn.jpg

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