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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Some Good News for the 50th Merdeka Celebrations...

This is very good in principle as it acknowledges that all Malaysians should be given the chance to celebrate our Hari Kebangsaan without any political undertones.

I wonder how will the money be disbursed and accounted for?
I hope all MPs will make public announcements on what events they intend to hold so that more of their constituents can participate.

It would be good for the ministry to provide some guidelines on what events would be suitable and also ask the MPs to submit the expenditure records for checking by the ministry.

All citizens pay income tax and no area should be left out because they voted opposition. This RM30k indicates that the government can give the citizens a fairer deal and should be encouraged.

The concept can be extended to state governments. If the opposition wins in the state, there should be no cut-back in federal funding for various projects but the central government should also adopt an equitable approach unless it is willing to change the tax laws so that the state can get a share of income and other taxes collected.

Let each Malaysian celebrate Hari Kemerdekaan close to home and avoid the perilous highway traffic. But if you must travel, do be careful.

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