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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Risk Management for the Malaysian Government?

It is good that steps have been taken to eliminate the careless lack of control as reported by the ministry after the Deputy Commander of the UTK admitted that operators could sneak out explosives that may not have been used up during exercises.

However it appears that is a lack of a proper system of controls in many government agencies such as the Finance Ministry with respect to incompetent contractors and the PWD with taking over shoddy projects.

Whenever there is a "bocor" or other problem everyone starts running about like headless chickens at best or demure "Semua-lah OK" syndrome.

I suggest that the government can make better use of some of the 30% over surplus staff in the civil service.

Perhaps 2000 of the civil servants will be reassigned to the Office for Risk Management that will overseer all risks associated with government activities. I am not sure if they should report to the PM's Office or the Auditor-General's Department.

The duties would be to provide independent advice on all procedures devised by other departments so that grave loop-holes like the "free explosives" problems will be spotted earlier.

What do you think?


Pak Zawi said...

It seems that they never learnt anything from past experience. It is still fresh in our mind that the arms heist in an army camp somewhere north that people can literally walk into an army camp and pick up weapons from their armoury with any resistance from people who were supposed to be guarding them. The irony was they had to do a mock up heist to show that it could be done and wwhat happened really did happened and it was not a show as alleged by many people.
Now they are telling us taking away exposives from their stock be it the most dangerous C4 is just as easy if not easier. All you have to do is not return any surplus after an excercise and nobody will realise them at all. Under the same premise some army personnel can easily take them out for an excercise and not use them at all and instead keep them at home for later use. No wonder explosives of all sort are available for fish bombing in remote part of the jungle.
Now back to the C4. Why are they telling us that it is so easy for an army personnel to take the surplus home? My guess is that they are to prove that you dont need the approval of those in power at all to lay you hands on C4 and use it to blow up anything be it a boulder or a mongolian corpse. By so doing any connection fo those who are supposed to be linked to the murder via the use of controlled items can be exonerated.

H J Angus said...

that's a very interesting observation about the ease with which anyone can get their hands on so-called "controlled items".