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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


After 37 years it seems some people have become addicted to the NEP that started soon after the May13 riots with the noble aims to eradicate poverty among Malaysians and to remove job limitations for the various races.

No doubt the NEP has transformed Malaysian society and one needs only to visit the new housing estates in the cities to see a large section of middle-class of all races living in harmony.

I suggest that the best part of the NEP is that more Malaysians have been able to go to university, graduate and move into a good career path.

However the NEP has slowly morphed into a program to enrich mainly those with close connections with the ruling elites and this is done mainly through lucrative contracts like toll concessions that remain secret after so many years. You can give your opinion on the use of OSA for such projects in the green poll on the left column.

The NEP has become so addictive that even some Malays feel that the time has come to end such abuses.

However some leaders still insist the NEP is necessary.
This should hardly be surprising as the ruling elites gain the most from such secret sweetheart deals like licensing agreements and lucrative projects.

These usually fail as the profits are skimmed upfront and the jobs get done with substandard quality as seen recently in the case of the collapsing ceilings and burst pipes.

Do you feel marginalised? You bet I do. Even if I do not want to do government contracts, the very fact that we have to spend RM20m just to do extra building inspections means that government funds is being wasted.

The NEP would have been palatable for 12 to 15 years and the government should have started the weaning process at the beginning ala Steven Covey's dictim
"Begin with the End in Sight."

Why 15 years?
This will allow about 3 children in every poor family to be assisted through tertiary education and get good jobs in the civil service or the private sector.

There would have been no sweetheart deals like APs and all government projects would be fully disclosed with no deals protected by the OSA.

So I oppose the NEP as it now means Never Ending Parasites. I'm going to look for the Shelltox now and you should do the same.

Photo: Thanks to http://www.scienceclarified.com/images/uesc_08_img0434.jpg


Pak Zawi said...

beside religion, The NEP seems to be the biggest factor that divide the people of Malaysia along racial lines. It has created the the hapiness of a few who benefited directly from it and the unhapiness of many who didnt realise they benefited from it who didnt benefit at all. To me it is essentially a crutch which someday we have to learn to let go. The sooner we let it go the faster is the recovery. To me now is the time to let go since it is way past the time as originally agreed. Prolonging it only will mean enriching the select few and creating more unhapiness among many.
Malaysia can progress better with a higher percentage of happy citizen.

ibh1 said...

Who are the parasites actually... it is like a wolf cries 'Wolf!".