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Thursday, July 05, 2007

BEWARE! Explosives could be Anywhere.

I found this story truly incredulous on the lack of control of explosives used by the Special Action Unit (or UTK) as reported in malaysiakini.

The UTK is involved in covert as well as overt activities and the former includes operations that are "kept secret from the public."
One wonders if that includes blowing up problem makers like the Mongolian girl.

If you read the story in malaysiakini, the lack of control of weapons is simple astonishing. They might as well leave the place unlocked.

"Mastor also explained the procedure for taking and returning explosives from the UTK armory storage. He said that explosives, once taken out and if not used, should be returned.

He said the explosives can be taken out for the use of training exercises.

However, he added, the amount of explosives used or not used during training was not recorded.

Since no records are made, Mastor said it was possible for explosives not used during training are not returned."

Mastor is the Deputy Commander of the UTK.
I wonder why such a basic lack of control can exist.

This situation only shows how urgently we need the IPCMC.

Graphics: Thanks to malaysiakini

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