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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pssst! Anyone Want to Hire a Gun?

You see those guys hanging about crowded areas and they usually approach you with a smile and ask,"Do you want a nice watch?"

So far no has has yet asked the question posed in the headline above but maybe that day is not far off.

Just imagine the implications of this story.
A corporal was able to sign out a sub-machine gun for 4 weeks for a "special mission" and the person issuing the weapon was a constable who did not maintain proper records but then again the recording system also had a loophole as there was no section in the log-book to record the number of bullets taken out.

No wonder the police has been resisting the IPCMC with such vigour!

With this slack control of weapons and bullets, the following is possible:

1.Rogue policemen may take out weapons and hire out the guns to criminals.
2.Bullets issued by the police may be used to supply such criminals.
3.Rogue cops may use the weapons to commit robberies and other crimes.

I am sure the police should be able to devise a more secure method of issuing firearms and bullets.

For example:

1.Bullets may be issued by a constable but all items must be counted and recorded down on issue and return.
2.Small weapons must be issued by a higher ranked officer like a sergeant and proper documentation must be provided. The approval must be signed by the next person in authority, higher than the person making the request.
3.More power weapons like a submachine gun must be approved by an ASP or similar rank.
4.Use such as "special mission" will not be accepted and each request must have its own request code that can be traced to the purpose for the mission. The person issuing the weapon need not know the purpose but it can be properly tracked.
5.All issues of weapons should be confirmed with the person who approved the request.

But with the current mud-slinging among the leaders in charge of security in the country do you think this issue will be given serious consideration?

Photo: Thanks to http://www.streetpro.com/usp/images/hk53.jpg


Pak Zawi said...

A friend of mine found two live bullets by the roadside in Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan. He said they are about the size for M16. I dont really know how to figure it but he said it was long compared to the normal bullets. beinga responsible citizen he took them to the police station. To his surprise the personnel at the station refused to accept the bullets and advised him to throw into a river somewhere since those kind of bullets are not used by the police but are more by the army.
So my friend had to go over to the army camp near the airport and handed the two bullets to the gurad there which accepted the bullets.
The moral of the story? If you find such things dont bother to pick them up. Just live it for some people with criminal intent to put it to some use.

TheBeerCrusader said...

The gov will not care about these things.. they only care for their minum petang ~