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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Consistency in Policies

I find the inconsistency in government policies appalling.
Only yesterday, a minister remarked that the price war over the Harry Potter's latest edition was good as it enabled more Malaysians to buy books at a cheaper rate.

Maybe this Minister has gone "potty" after reading the latest best-seller and decided to end the price war of a different nature - this time among 5-star hotels.

Why not allow hotels to compete for their customers? It would be better to provide a price range for indication only with 5-star rating determined only by the facilities and service provided.
That way we will ensure that only the best hotels will survive and become leaner. Inefficient and poor quality hotels should be allowed to close down.

If hotel rates are lowered, it will ensure that more Malaysians will be encouraged to take holidays in Malaysia.

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Unknown said...

"Inefficient and poor quality hotels should be allowed to close down"

"Inefficient car makers should also be allowed to close shop"

Bodohland excels in inefficiency at the expense of the rakyat.

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