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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Really is the Good Government Hiding?

How Convenient!

The government now proclaims that it will not reveal the details of the Agreements with the toll operators as there is a clause which requires the consent of the companies'before details are disclosed.

I have written an article earlier when TDM mentioned that they did not read the Agreements in detail before giving approval.

Privatised highways can be considered a form of taxation as road users have to pay to use a public facility that could have been funded from all the taxes collected. Tolls are in fact additional taxation. But the government that approved this tax now says we will not be told how the tax collector has been advantaged.

I remember that the LDP operator was reported in the press that they would agree to the terms being disclosed to the public.
So this change of heart by the government is indeed a step backwards. Could it mean that other toll companies have been granted even sweeter deals all the way to the bank?

Why don't you request your MP to find out the details for all road users? Even George Bush has been forced to reconsider his stance on Iraq. So why should a toll agreement be subject to the Official Secrets Act?

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1 comment:

Yan said...

Simple, It is a conspiracy between the government & the toll operators. How could they reveal it??