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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Only 6% of Pollsters Support the PM's Frequent Flying..

"What do You Think of our PM’s Frequent Trips Overseas?"

That was the question posed for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 27.

For the 65 readers who took the poll, here are the results:

31 votes or 48% were for "It is a waste of public funds"

15 votes or 23% were for "I think there are more urgent matters at home"

9 votes or 14% were for "He should delegate most of these trips to ministers and deputy ministers"

6 votes or 9% went to "N-E-X-T!!"

2 votes of 3% went to "I believe he is doing his job competently"

2 votes of 3% went to "I support this activity as it promotes FDI"

Thanks to all who participated.

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