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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Adding Insult to Injury

The indecent haste to acquire the COLISEUM CINEMA in KL shows that the authorities can be very callous when they want to show their power.

Just imagine offering RM500k for a well-maintained building on prime building land just because the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry were affected by the present heatwave and came up with this half-baked idea.

The manner in which the acquisition order was served smacks of bad taste and a total lack of consideration. Maybe the idea is to shock the poor man into cardiac arrest?

Just because cultural shows are being staged in a car park nearby hardly merits much for a proper planning of the cultural transformation of the city.

I guess there is probably a commitment to stage a series of movies like a Cultural Film Fest soon and the organisers are desperate to find suitable venues. Since this old man is not part of the major cinema chains, he is an easy target.

The building looks in pristine condition and it may take perhaps a week or less to get a new signage. No major refurbishment is required and everyone has an easy job.

Instead of leasing the building completely and then having to incur running costs and most such projects simply lose money; it would be more beneficial for all if the Minister requests the owner to allow them to stage the week-long Film Fest once or twice a year.

That way, the owner is free to run his cinema business for 50 weeks of the year and the Ministry gets to organise the film fests and we taxpayers will not see a major drain on the nation’s coffers.

Unless there is a more sinister plot to acquire the building at a near distress price; do the heritage thingy and after a few years sell off the building at a low price to some private developer. Such a scenario is possible as we are in Malaysia Boleh.


PabloPabla said...

I really feel for the owner.

Anak Merdeka said...

HJ, this is an obvious attempt to rob the poor old man. RM500K for a prime building in downtown KL?? I'd be the first to buy it off the old man's hands for a 20% premium above what's offered!

I think what you suggested in your last para is probably what is on the mind of those who are trying to lay their hands on Coliseum.

This Minister should look at what is happening to Bok House if he is really serious about preserving KL's heritage buildings.

These are daring crooks staging a daylight robbery.

Trashed said...

The appalling lack of appreciation for our Malaysian Heritage shows a lack of sync between those in govt in favour of "development" and the longer term value to the country. Short term gain for a handful, a loss of the rest of the rakyat.

The most upsetting to me (but since rescinded) was the proposed tearing down of the Merdeka Stadium for yet another high rise devt complex. Thankfully, Malaysians will still get to see the place where Merdeka was declared instead of in a video clip.

These are the things which tourists want to experience, not glass buildings and such. You can get those anywwhere. Malaysia has history, culture, natural splendour, great food and nice people (maybe not with the current crime wave).