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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Appreciating Life

This is a 3-minute presentation that will lift your spirit and inspire you to appreciate your life. If you think 3 minutes is too long then you really need this.

Many of us take things for granted as too often we just rush through the daily routine and have too little time to appreciate life.

If we have a family we do not take enough time for our loved ones and even simple things like meal times are not taken to share life’s experiences.

We are in a rush to watch that favourite programme, get online to chat or surf and there is simply no time to even say, “Hi, how was your day like?” Maybe we are too scared that that may open a flood of complaints and criticisms about what happened at the workplace.

Today is also Singapore’s National Day and we cannot but observe that the country has grown from strength to strength ever since it was forced to leave Malaysia.

I am not saying that everything is perfect in Singapore but one only has to visit the humble HDB estates or neighbourhood schools to see that things are in good order. The majority of the citizens are able to make a reasonable living if they are prepared to work hard.

We could borrow some of the pages of their success story. For example there would never be the cases of traffic offenders among ministers who are still waiting for action from the traffic police.

Photo: Fireworks with Esplanade (twin durian structure) in foreground.

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