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Friday, August 25, 2006

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.....

That seems to be the predicament of the National Service Scheme as the amount of work required to bring NS dodgers to court seems to be too much for them to handle.

With more than 4000 dodgers not going to be summoned to court as they did not acknowledge the enrolment papers and could not be contacted it is a very convenient way to avoid NS. Just change your address when you see the NS letter and do not reply.

As there is a critical mass of thousands it is the principle of safety in numbers. Perhaps the NS people should do a survey as to why so many refuse to sign up even as the newspapers always report that all the trainees are so happy etc.

This problem is going the way of the PTNP student loans. Once it reaches the thousands of offenders, the enforcement will simply die off.

After all even the police cannot issue summons to ministers who have not paid for their traffic offences.


The Malaysian. said...

It'll be a gargantuan task to get these shirkers to court and prosecute them. Even for such an important and urgent IPCMC, the A-Gs Chambers is 'too busy and overworked'; where are they going to find the resources for thousands of irresponsible kids?

PabloPabla said...

We all wait and see...and wait and wait till the haze envelopes the issue and then something else takes over as the issue of the day and then the old issue is forgotten...This is being Malaysian way of doing Malaysian thing with Malaysian planning.

PeterP said...

This is leadership by example.

1. The higher ups don’t pay their parking summons and then pontificate to us mere mortals on the virtues of honesty, transparency, hardwork, etc.

2. Graduates taking the cue from the above, don’t pay their PTPTN loans.

3. The 18 year olds, dodge the call up, knowing the above two groups are too busy with their own agendas.