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Monday, August 14, 2006

How Do We Ensure Better Public Safety and Security?


There were 37 votes as follows:

13 or 35% chose “Need Better Trained Police and More CCTV Systems”

11 or 30% chose “Tell the Authorities We are Not Satisfied”

11 or 30% picked “Need More Police Presence on the Beat”

1 0r 3% picked “Help the Police by Providing Information”

1 0r 3% chose “Take Care and Install More Security Devices”

0 or 0% decided to “Let the Government Take Care of it”

In summary 35 voters or 95% felt that the authorities should do more to enhance public safety.
There also seem to be a reluctance to help the police and so some mending of fences needs to be done for better cooperation between the police and the public.

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