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Monday, August 28, 2006

Treating Only the Symptoms to Cure the Disease

According to this report, handphones may be banned in sensitive areas like police lock-ups as they have caused more shocking scenes to be broadcast.

This seems to be wrong solution, as it will only give the bad cops more opportunity to commit their foul deeds under secrecy.

Hopefully a caring policeman who felt that it was against the rules captured this scene.

There is always this retort when asked about action against corruption and other crimes, “Show us the evidence.”

What better way to show the evidence than a video clip of the actual actions?
Instead of restricting camera phones, the police should all be encouraged to tape such incidents so that the few black sheep can be removed.

By the way, the people are still waiting for the IPCMC to be implemented, as this will provide a better framework to deal with such behaviour then the usual internal probe that may just die an unnatural death.

We should ask why the AG is still sleeping on the problem.

Photo: Clouds from a BC ferry, Canada. Hopefully clouds over IPCMC will be removed.


Meng said...

I think we are just now coming out of the dark ages which we have been kept in for the last 20 years. We need to restore a civil society which the former regime had demolished.
We need honest men with honor and principles. FOr example and honourable thing for the MB of Selangor to do wud be to resign over the recent billboard debacle.

H J Angus said...

I share your sentiments.

Unfortunately there are too many goodies for anyone to resign for honour.

His associates will think of him as a fool. That sadly is our Malaysian culture for most leaders.

PabloPabla said...

The interrogation rooms should have cctvs recording all interrogation proceedings and these recordings should be made available to an independent watchdog party to prevent abuse by the police during interrogations.