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Friday, August 04, 2006

Make Love, Not War

That could be the motto of our armed forces as we seem to have a plethora of problems like:

 Training flights crashing

 Delays in building ships

 Missiles that cannot fire

 Soldiers that can be hired for private activities

I would think very carefully before we send any troops anywhere especially to Lebanon as I don’t think those Israelis or Hizballah are going to ask you if your weapons are in working order before they engage you.

I think this missile suffers from a name image. With a name like SeaSkua it definitely sounds too feminine to be a destructive weapon. Therefore it lived up to its name by simply plopping into the sea.
It would be a good exercise for the navy to conduct a recovery exercise. Maybe not as the weapon could be a real dud. How about having a special event for the next army sports day?
Tossing the missile could be real exciting.

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