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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why Not Make Use of Army Camps?

It is good that the government is recruiting more members to beef up the police force.

Given the time needed to construct a new training center (3 years?) we need to explore ways on how to maximise the existing Pulapol in Kuala Lumpur.

The minimum time for basic training is 6 months, which means if we can reduce the time spent here to 2 months, we can increase the capacity by 3 times in the existing centers.

The other 4 months training can be done in army camps closer to the homes of police recruits and this will cover basic drills, unarmed combat and weapons training.

The 2 months in the police academy will cover legal matters; citizens’ rights and other skills needed to become an effective cop.

The situation on the streets has become desperate as criminals are more daring and vicious and do not hesitate to kill. Asking ordinary citizens to intervene against a parang-wielding thug is foolhardy and we really need the police to make the streets safe again.

It may even be possible to ask suitable armed forces personnel to transfer to the police and they can be ready within 2 months. Some problems may arise between police recruits and soldiers but I believe the army commanders should be able to cope.


Meng said...

Good suggestion! I think money need to beinvested in our police force to give them better salaries, retraining and modern equipment to fight crime.
Cut the sports facility in the UK...use the money where the citizens benefit the most!!!!

H J Angus said...

at least one person agrees with me! :)