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Thursday, August 17, 2006


What Do You Think of the Proposal to Acquire the COLISEUM CINEMA?
39 readers responded to this poll.

49% or 19 chose “Please Leave the Man in Peace”

23% or 9 chose “Work with Present Owner for Mutual Benefits”

21% or 8 chose “Designate the Building as a Heritage Site without Acquiring it”

8% or 3 chose “The Authorities Know What to Do”

0% or 0 chose “ Pay the Market Price and Compensate for Business Loss”

93% of the readers did not support the authorities’ move to acquire the building and only 3 % had faith in the original proposal.

Thanks to the overwhelming reaction of the public who provided various feedback to the authorities, the minister has been convinced that the original plan was not appropriate.

Hopefully this kind of response and reasoning is also applied to various problems that the country faces. Most Malaysians are quite practical and pragmatic and the authorities should learn how to tap this underutilised and vast resource.

May the Coliseum survive another 50 years!

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