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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Safeguarding the Police Force

Our policemen need to tighten up their checking procedures if one of them is not going to be slaughtered soon.

According to this story, “one of the suspects pulled out a parang which was tucked in his waistband and slashed the policeman on his right arm.”

This happened when the suspects bolted after being stopped and when their particulars were being checked.

The incident occurred at 6:50am and it should have been light enough for the cops to see that one of the men had a parang tucked in a waistband if the two men had been asked to dismount.

I do not know how the police are trained to check suspects but I think the following is necessary to protect our policemen.

 Stop the motorbike

 Do not get within 3 meters of the suspects

 Ask the men to dismount and step away from the bike and stand at least 3 meters apart.

 Ask the men to slowly turn 360 degrees to see if there are any weapons visible; hands to be held away from the body.

 Once the police see any weapon like a parang, they need to be even more wary and be ready to defend against any attack.

 Order the man to remove the parang before asking if there are other concealed weapons.

 Check for concealed weapons.

 Check identity.

Maybe I have watched too many “Bad Boys” program but the way the police operate in the USA is to ensure a safer environment for the police force.

In 95% of cases, the above may seem unnecessary and cumbersome but if the cops had stuck to this routine, there would not be a policeman in hospital today.
But well done to the 2 cops who risked their life and limb to nab a criminal.

Photo: New Straits Times


PabloPabla said...

As I was reading your "pointers", I thought it sounded very much like hollywood movies. But it's true. I think that should be standard procedure.

H J Angus said...


It is better to be safe than sorry.
I think cops here are a little complacent but criminals are more vicious and don't hesitate to kill anymore.

I notice you put up photos of your small children in your blog. I think that shows a little lack of vigilance.

I do have some shots of family members but usually one cannot make out the features. Just be aware some people may not like what U write and take care.