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Friday, August 11, 2006

How Many Officers Does it Take........

I find this article interesting.
It reminds me of the joke, “How many ministers does it take to form a Cabinet?”

The reason given for the ineffective campaign is the lack of “numerical advantage” as there is only a total of 25 officers compared to 1043 taxi drivers of which only 11 have been booked for not using their meters.

I wonder how the enforcement officers operate. Do they gather en masse at the popular spots and hope the taxi drivers do not recognise them?

If enforcement officers are capable and well trained they should be able to operate in pairs and let’s assume they can catch a taxi every 30 minutes.

This means that in an 8 hour shift they should be able to check 16 taxis a day or if we consider 4 teams at 64 taxis a day it would take just 16 days to screen all the taxis assuming no repeats.

On the other side of the coin, the taxi fares should be adjusted if there is a fuel price increase or the fares should be subject to annual review. It is a bad sign when everyone flouts the law and the enforcement agency has to confess it cannot do its job.

If the enforcement agency does its work on a consistent basis throughout the year it would not have lost its war against the taxi drivers.

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