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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What is the Best Way for the PM to Counter TDM Attacks?


This was one of the most unpopular questions with only 10 readers taking the trouble to answer – hardly a number to inspire any confidence in the analysis.

Picked by

0 Just Ignore the Taunts

1 Focus on the Economy (9MP)

3 Explain Policies to People

2 Probe BNM’s Forex Losses or other Problem

0 Make Better Use of Media

1 Be More Proactive

3 Call for General Elections

Perhaps many feel they cannot give the PM good advice and some feel it may be a lost cause giving advice.
My purpose in creating these polls is to get Malaysians to think more critically as it is something that is not taught in schools and local universities.

It is even better for you to write some constructive comments rather than just read as think, “I agree but what can one person do?”

MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 9 is to check your views on Patriotism.
As Hari Kebangsaan is around the corner, it would be interesting to examine different views on what is patriotism.

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