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Friday, August 04, 2006

Malaysians are a sexually repressed lot.

Anything to do with sex and they perk up. Why not? After all the Dumex survey showed that we are way down in the sex league as far as the frequency of lovemaking is concerned. The French can surely teach us a few lessons on “amour”.

Perhaps it has to do with authorities clamping down on couples holding hands and kissing in public.

So when this article entitled “Sexual gaze of Johor’s Bigfoot” is printed it is definitely titillating and becomes a big draw.

We have not seen the real thing yet so the sexual gaze is very important as it gives a tantalising view of what to expect when we finally get to see the real thing. Now where did I see those eyes before? Why it sure reminds me of that famous French painting, “The Mona Lisa”.

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