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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

99% of Voters Are Not Happy with the EPU’s Study

The Poll Question for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 16 was “How Do You Feel About the ASLI Debacle?”
There were 123 voters as follows:

59 voters or 48% chose “I Do Not Trust the Government’s Analysis”

28 voters or 23% felt “The Government Should Disclose Fully their Research Methodologies”

19 voters or 15% picked “The Government Acts Like a Big Bully”

10 voters or 8% wanted “Will the EPU Sell Me Shares at Par Value?”

6 voters or 5% chose “The EPU and ASLI Should Have Trashed Out Their Differences”

1 voter or 1% picked “I Trust the Government’s Findings 100%”

In general it seems that most people do not have much faith in the EPU Report.

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