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Friday, November 03, 2006

No Need to Go to Kelantan for Wayang Kulit

Question: When is an Appointment Not an Appointment?

Answer: When You Have Not Signed and Returned the Offer Letter.

Anyone who has had a job offer knows that just receiving a letter offering you a job knows that the letter is only valid when you have signed and returned that letter within a certain date.

Now we have the case of two Klang councilors who supposedly resigned as they breached the very rules they were sworn to uphold in the Klang Municipality Council.

Building plans may be considered a minor function but the trust in public officials has been long compromised as city halls seem to operate on a family affair basis.

Now according to our esteemed Law Minister corruption cannot occur within a family and the politicians, one big happy family, also fall in that incorruptible category.

So why do we have such a grand show about people resigning when they were not sworn in?

It seems to be a case of public appeasement and also trying to fool the general population.
If they resign from an office they did not hold, they lose nothing but the common folks think they have been punished enough and will not clamor for a more meaningful punishment like having to resign as an elected assemblyman.

Welcome to Selangor, the new wayang kulit centre of Malaysia.
Or as some prefer it’s all “smoke and mirrors” my friend “smoke and mirrors.”

I hope the people in Klang will know how to dispense justice come the next general elections especially since the ruling party behaves as if it is above and beyond the law.

Don't you feel as if you've been taken for a ride?


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