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Thursday, November 02, 2006

We Approved an Anti-Corruption Act Without Meaning..

This seems to be an excuse for the ACA not to take action against money politics and corruption within political parties on the weak excuse that it does not concern the public.

Either the Minister is a bad lawyer or has no morals as he tabled the Anti-Corruption Act in Parliament or everyone decided that corruption is so widespread in political parties that they needed an exclusion clause.

If the ACA cannot probe political parties as “It does not affect the public in the sense that it does not involve public projects or public funds” then I suggest members of the public must not be allowed to join political parties and these should be restricted to only members of a family and relatives as according to the minister, corruption cannot be committed within a family.

It looks as if we have a bad anti-corruption law that has excluded probably 70% of all corruption cases and allowed the monster of corruption to breed without any effective control.

The actions of political parties can impinge more on society than any other body as they can form the government and the ACA must be empowered to take action.

photo: courtesy of the Star.All honest men of integrity?

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