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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Most Popular Choice...

This was selected in response to the question
"What Do You Think of Nazri’s Remark that He Drafted the ACA Laws to Exclude Political Parties for Corrupt Practices?"

The Results for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 17:

31 readers or 45% picked "This is What Happens When We Put Monkeys in Charge of Bananas"

27 or 39% felt that "I Think Nazri Should Be Sacked for Drafting Such a Useless Act"

8 or 12% wanted "The Law on ACA Must Be Amended to Include Money Politics"

2 or 3% chose "The Bar Association Should Dissociate Itself from Such a Lawyer"

1 or 1% believed "Our MPs Must Have Been Sleeping When the Bill Was Passed"

No one picked "I Agree With the Minister’s Views 100%"

A total of 69 readers took the poll.

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