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Monday, November 06, 2006

Goodbye Meritocracy Hello Mediocrity

Perhaps the hullabaloo in the Klang Council has wakened some sleeping leaders that if the whole country adopts the concept of “no meritocracy”, there will be more chances of half-past six leaders rising to national levels.

Thus the start for the “no meritocracy” policy is at the university level as that will immediately solve the annual hand wringing exercise as to why our prestigious universities are 200 places below the universities of Singapore. It will definitely fall out of the world’s top 5000 universities and we will all be in a class of our own.

There will be no contests and ranking and we will all sleep peaceably until the golden era of Vision2020. Why should Malaysia be bothered with such trite rankings as after all it could be a “Jewish conspiracy?”

We will pass new laws so that at birth, citizens will be designated as doctors, lawyers and engineers once they reach the age of 21 years and after completing their National Service training.

Of course more people will want to join the civil service as the extra perks in the Registration Department could be substantial as parents will want to avoid the classification of “Cleaner” for their son or daughter.

Don’t you think life will simply be more exciting if we just got rid of the meritocracy burden? Why students in universities will have more free time to indulge in life’s pleasures of watching blue movies and experimenting with casual sex. Yeah we need to provide free condoms to them to avoid unnecessary pregnancies.

And when these kids start operating their clinics or practices, the clients will need to become savvier. When your new doctor prescribes some treatment like a lobotomy you will need to double check the treatment or you could end up spewing nonsensical comments.

Here’s a simple guideline to evaluate this proposal.

When you visit your doctor, do you check to see from where the doctor got his or her degree and do you also consider when the doctor graduated?

If you are a university student, don’t you feel threatened by such a comment to end meritocracy?


Billy said...

"If you are a university student, don’t you feel threatened by such a comment to end meritocracy?" Quite honestly, I don't think these UMNO blokes give a damn. If they had, we wouldn't be in such a humongous mess now. They are so thick skinned that meritocracy means nothing to them. Only today, a CM of a southern state already stated his views that meritocracy should be done away with and you know what, many years from now, our Malay brethrens will be wondering what had happened to them when the others go on to become world beaters in the field of academy as well as business while they continue to languish in the kampongs.

yellowkingdom said...

Advancements in all fields can only be achieved through the practice of meritocracy at all levels. How else could we know how well we are doing vis-a-vis others in this globalised world? Are we to shun meritocracy and hide under our coconut-shell world?

Meng said...

There are many in UMNO who support Abdul Ghani and his call to end meritocracy. As long as we continue to live in this little coccoon we call Malaysia and refuse to see this quickly globalising economy around us; Malaysia is heading to (year) 2020 an impoverished nation.
We are perhaps 10 years away from Phillipines if we continue in this trend of unproductivity and malaise towards corruption and poor governance.
With this renewed call away from meritocracy (which will be strongly echoed at the next UMNO GA next week) we are only accelerating to that end.....