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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beware the Straits Pirates! They Have Come Ashore.

In recent years the Straits of Malacca was known for its frequent pirate attacks on the thousands of ships that use it every year.

However with the cooperation of the littoral states and even foreign nations like Australia, the pirates have been kept at bay and attacks have decreased.

However Malaysians have to be more careful these days as there are many pirates living in our midst.

They prey on the weak and some victims have even died after being attacked.
Snatch thieves appear to be lying low in most town areas as the police have clamped down on their activities.

Hold on. The moment the situation gets under control another problem crops up.
What’s this they are demanding at the UMNO General Assembly?

I hear the chant .
“NEP forever and beyond 30%”

Some people now claim that the NEP is part of the social contract.
Others even proclaim that “UMNO is willing to bathe in blood”.

If UMNO leaders allow their members to utter such threatening remarks against rivals, is UMNO becoming the largest pirate group in Malaysia?

The NEP was never part of the social contract to achieve independence for Malaya. It was a specific program that was to last for a fixed number of years so that the government could execute policies to bring the perceived weaker members of societies to a higher level.

However many of the policies were “piratised” so that some cronies now travel on a different level than us in their private jets and helicopters.

Of course many tens thousands were left behind and are still struggling to survive.
My question is,
“If after 35 years of affirmative action policies by the same government and they admit that the 30% target has not been achieved, should not the government be held responsible and accountable for the massive failure that has been paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the millions of marginalized Malaysians?”

As for that person wanting to bathe in blood, some one should lodge a police report for such remarks that can promote racial conflicts.

Or are the antics of UMNO members during their assembly beyond the scope of the police? Freedom of expression is good but one would have expected a more civilized approach than making definite threats.

But then again what can you expect from UMNO members when their leaders use the same racist approach?

graphics: courtesy of http://www.umanitoba.ca/cm/vol5/no3/pirates.jpg

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