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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Look into the Mirror First

It is that time of the year again when we hear silly politicians expounding the same message we have all heard for the past 50 odd years.

Strangely enough the record appears to have good stuck in the groove of “race supremacy”, “religious fervour” and “keep us in power and we will safeguard your interests”.

I am of course referring to the UMNO Annual General Assembly where most ministers stop work to attend the long meetings. I wonder if they apply for annual leave or is the rallying and rousing function part of their official duties?

Never mind that the EPU equity results have been put into another black box and come out with a different sets of results that will garner more support for the ruling party as that would surely translate into more crony contracts.

This was taken in an extract from a speech by the DPM.
“Whatever is required for Malay development, we will push for it so that it will be immediately implemented, immediately constructed. What is important is that this great trust that we hold is never manipulated, never leaked and never abandoned.”

The first sentence sounds like a preparation for Maggi mee with the idea that changing mind-sets can be done like instant noodles – just open a packet and you immediately can have your satisfaction.

The second sentence is like Maggi mee that has been cooked for 50 years. It is tasteless and unpalatable and no one will buy it anymore as the government has lost all credibility with the following recent events:

• Failure to implement the IPCMC
• Soft pedaling on corruption issues in local councils
• EPU Flip/flops.
• Law Minister’s stand that UMNO corruption is outside ACA’s scope.

There is one thing strange about change. Everyone always wants someone else to change.
If UMNO wants the Malays to change their mindset they should first look into the mirror. Better still if they have a serious private discussion with the other BN parties.

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Trashed said...

The UMNO playbook has not changed in the past 36 years since 1970. They are bereft of ideas and clinging on to power.

Perhaps it is time the other 13 compenent parties in the BN take a look at themselves and see what they contribute to the recipe with Maggi mee.

iomar said...

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Meng said...

Hishamuddin warns other BN leaders not to be opportunist and to use the racial issue for political mileage. I wonder what was Khairy's message if it wasn't racial?

In that same General Assembly, they talk about "malay supremacy, chinese dominance, NEP, 400 years of history and malays don't even have dominance in THEIR own land...etc etc." If this is not a racial party then what is?

If the BN doesn't play the racial card then who is?? For goodness sake, the rakyat is more united than the government....its time we vote for change!