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Monday, November 27, 2006

What Do You Think is a Viable Plan to Deny BN its Two-thirds Majority?

That was the question posed for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 18 and 73 votes were received.

The breakdown is as follows:

92% or 69 readers felt that some form of cooperation was important for the opposition parties to do better.

This was in the form of

Opposition Parties Ensuring No 3-corner contests 48% or 36 respondents

DAP cooperating with PKR only 28% or 21 readers

DAP cooperating with PKR and PAS 16% or 12 readers

Some think BN will still win with a big majority
No Way. BN is going to win a massive landslide 8% or 6 readers

No one selected the following options.
DAP cooperating with PAS only
PKR cooperating with PAS only

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