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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sure You Don’t Have Foreign Blood?

There is some loose talk about Bangsa Malaysia and foreigners tainting the Malaysian bloodlines.

As a Eurasian with a few drops of Scottish blood, I feel a little qualified to write about the subject.

If one makes even a cursory look at the history of Malaya, one cannot help notice that the country has experienced an influx of migrants from many places. Some moved on but many remained and established roots here.

The main groups were from Java, Sumatra, India, China, English, Dutch and Portuguese in the past as Malaya lies at the crossroads of vital trade routes and were colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English.

I remember the State Education Head of Perak in the sixties, a Mr Campbell. He was a first generation Eurasian, the offspring of an Englishman and a Malay woman and he was also a Roman Catholic. I guess in those days people were freer to choose their religion.

Today the pace of mixed marriages is even more pronounced with thousands of our children studying overseas.

There is really nothing wrong with foreigners and many have contributed much to make Malaysia a more vibrant place with a colorful culture that is the envy of many. Our gastronomical delights also provide a feast for the taste-buds.

There is a fear that Bangsa Melayu may become diluted with the concept of Bangsa Malaysia. This misguided thinking should be examined on a scientific basis and not political rhetoric.

Consider the following:

A Malay marries an English woman and has a son who is brought up as a Muslim but hardly practises his faith.

The son marries an English girl and also produces a son who is also a Muslim but does not practice the religion.

This last generation is classified a Malay in Malaysia and able to enjoy all the NEP benefits even though racially he is 75% English.

Most probably he will be able to take advantage of the NEP policies more effectively than some Bumis in the remote areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

Will all the pure Malays in Malaysia please stand up to be counted?

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freddy said...

You asked for the real Malays to stand up and be counted.

I commented at Kit's blog that 'Malay' is not a race but a culture.

Perhaps you might want to ask the question - What if ALL MALAYSIANS embrace Islam? Constitutionally, wouldn't all be Malays and enjoy special rights?

I'm sure this thought will send shivers down the spine of some or perhaps many.

Remember that under the law, when a Malay converts OUT of Islam, he's no longer a Malay and forfeits special rights.

Trashed said...

Omigosh, that would certainly create an epidemic of sorts.

Billy said...

Yeah, I certainly would like to know and for sure, our past and present prime ministers are not even showing their via their blood line. For instance,
1. Can our first PM be considered a Malay when he has Thai blood in him?
2. What about Tun Abdul Razak when he has Bugis blood in him?
3. Not forgetting Tun Hussein Onn, of whom some claimed that he has English blood in him.
4. Then of course, we have Mahathir who has Indian blood in him; and
5. Finally, our current PM. Already publicly acknowledged he has Chinese blood. And what about his wife, Endon? She has Japanese blood. So what does it make children when they have a mixture of Chinese and Japanese blood in them. So are they suitable to be called 'Malays'?

readingMTbutworknodo said...

see extract from a blogger in M'sia Today. Interesting

12/11 01:18:47
dTruthseeker wrote:
Unlike the Chinese and Indian immigrants to the peninsula for greener pastures, the Javanese, Balinese, Tidorese, Madurese, Sundanese, Bandanese, Amboinese etc ancestry people have been running away from poverty, wars, invaders, pestilence, famine, natural disasters and oppressive rulers since the beginning of time. With long, constant wars taking place between powerful kingdoms in both Sumatra and Java, the Peninsula must have appeared a safe haven to many ancient peoples in the archipelago. If one were to be a poor padi farmer constantly robbed and looted by the marauding armies of Srivijaya, Majapahit, Jambi, Chola and countless others, it would probably be quite sensible to pack up and move to somewhere relatively safer and quieter - and where better than the Peninsula, where there were no large, powerful kingdoms to conquer, and no large cities to pillage and burn.

Therefore, 'MELAYU' means 'run' in both Javanese and Mandailing and 'Tanah Melayu' refers to the 'land of refugees'. Parameswara's first arrival in Bertam after fleeing Singapore: "The said Parameswara told the Celates (Orang Selat) 'You already know that in our language a man who runs away is called a "Malayo", and since you bring such fruit to me who have fled, let this place be called Malaqa, which means ''hidden fugitive''. In brief, historically correctness, there is no "MALAY RACE" but what is indicated in our FC is specifically meant for the "REFUGEES" from any war torn countries whom are guaranteed their RIGHTS & SPECIAL PRIVILEGE as a REFUGEE (Declaration of Universal Human Rights).

"KETUANAN MELAYU" refers mainly to the descended from those political exiles whom were members of the nobles, chieftain and including the younger members of aristocratic families born in the latter part which are the 9 Malay Rulers and not any Tom Dick and Harry or political leaders calling themselves as MELAYU. For an indepth understanding and evidencing data, kindly read the true personnel experience of this lady writer Isabella L. Bird in the year of 1881 which is written in SIMPLE ENGLISH (http://digital.library.upen...). Then arbitrate how screwedup is our children history books and our historians.

NOW, its is well clear why we have those few running around barking, screaming, insulting, waving keris and even defiling the chastity of Islam. Now, do we see the FEAR, INFERIORITY COMPLEX and above all why they want to be Arabinized because they dont have a CULTURE,WRITING etc unless otherwise one declares himself/herself as a Javanese, Balinese, Tidorese, Madurese, Sundanese, Bandanese, Amboinese, Irish, Indian, Chinese which are RACES with RICH CULTURAL background. So, the ONLY way for those REFUGEES POLITICAL LEADER to COMMAND & CONTROL those in the same wavelength is by using the RACIAL & RELIGION CARD. Looking at the root RACE there is four (4) which is Black, White, Yellow, & Red. Other then that all are "Rojak Penang & Pasembur" a.k.a Bangsa Malaysia.

Akhir Kata "SAMPAI KIAMAT MELAYU TIDAK AKAN HILANG DARI MUKA BUMI SEHINGGA ADA PEPERANGAN DAN BENCANA SEMULAJADI" So, in Hang Tuah case, its confirm that he is a "Kaki Bodek". He stated so intentionally to pacify the Sultan whom felt himself inferior of being a REFUGEE to gain some wealth.That sound like a chinaman tactics to me and it confirm the Chinese status of Hang Tuah. Considered case close, tak payah pening lagi and see what can be done for the betterment of all races as a SINGULAR 'BANGSA MALAYSIA" Peace
12/11 01:21:02