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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Death in High Places

The Squatgate episode showed how prisoners could be subject to police abuse but the latest incident where a foreign woman was allegedly shot and blown to bits to prevent her from blackmailing an important person shows how vital it is for all our MPs to demand that the Attorney-General get off his back-side and submit his proposals for the IPCMC NOW.

If the police officers who are supposed to protect us and uphold the law can be induced to commit murder we should all be afraid of the police as some of them can really do evil.

If indeed the poor woman was trying to extract money for her baby it is an even more dastardly act for the police officers to help the man get rid of the problem.

This is the first big test for the IPG to prove that he is really serious about improving the police force.

I have noted police on the beat and it does give a better sense of security until this explosive murder.

A few days ago, I passed by two FRU men at a bus-stop. When I returned about 20 minutes later they were still there. Looks as though walking is a no-no for the two guys.

On a similar note it looks as if our prison wardens are all going to get obesity problems.

Photo: the Star


Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

i wonder if the M'sian men-in-uniforms (police, prisons, military etc) need to pass an annual fitness test to remain in service???

Meng said...

My goodness bursting at the seams...What I cannot stand is seeing the policemen smoking while in their uniforms...I think this shows a lack of discipline.

On the Politcial analyst issue....When political leaders have a problem that won't go away they turn to the thugs in uniform. When the common citizen like me have a problem, where are we to turn to????!!!?!?!