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Friday, November 03, 2006

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning….

You all know the Doremi song from the Sound of Music and it seems the Gerakan leader is beginning to see the light on how Malaysia can find a way out of the boondocks.

Recently there has really been a plethora of problems with government matters such as the following:

• The public spat between the PM and TDM over how the country is governed

• The EPU/ASLI share equity debate that is still unresolved

• Ministers refusing to settle outstanding traffic fines for years

• The Klang Municipality fiasco

• IPCMC still pending after 18 months

• The manner AP privileges are abused with cloned certificates

It all shows a lack of integrity of many people in government that is compounded by a lack of credibility and most problems are countered with a “don’t play with fire” answer by some political leaders.

That always seems to be the fall-back position even after 49 years of independence.

The statement that Gerakan elected reps will no longer be appointed as council members is a step in the right direction as it will reduce conflict of interest problems though that does not seem to raise issues with some politicians as it is all considered “within the family”.

However it is unfortunate that Gerakan did not start at the very basic tenet of a democratic society. The majority of fair-minded Malaysians would have saluted them if they had supported the return of local elections.

That would be a definite building block of a vibrant democratic society and local councilmen who perform well can be recruited by the various parties to contest as state assemblymen and on to higher office at national level.

Even Gerakan admits that local councils are a good place to test party members before a higher office so why not let taxpayers elect local officials?

PS. It’s my 59th birthday today so I decided to do this extra article.

photo: Sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, USA. Tomorrow the sun will rise on a new chapter for Malaysia.


Blueheeler - the dog that sniffs out fishy news said...

Happy birthday!

Meng said...

There is so much malaise on issues that require urgent attention. All it takes is a firm hand and committed leader with guts. In a broader sense the problems are:
1) Slumbering economy
2) Corruption still breeding at a faster rate
3) Crime is now perceived to be out of control
4) A rakyat surpressed under local municipals who are corrupt
5) A politial system that prevents any checks and balance on the incumbent government...all stripped away by previous PM.

yellowkingdom said...

Hi! A happy belated birthday greeting!

H J Angus said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

To celebrate my wife belanja me Notre Dame du Paris in Singapore.

A very good performance indeed.