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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time to Say Goodbye

I've added one of my favourite songs by Sarah Brightman.

Isn't it time to say goodbye to all the racist posturing we are seeing everyday now on national TV?

Say Goodbye to money politics, religious bullying and let all Malaysians live in peace and harmony.

If the government can just provide good security and a just system for all Malaysians we will all go further and faster in our development as a Bangsa Malaysia where a person is valued not by the colour of his skin or the brand of his religion but by his earnest efforts to fulfill his dreams.

God help us all.


desiderata said...

I stand by thee with a Salute to your Call to say Goodbye to Racism -- Bangsa is for all Malaysians, regardless of ethm

desiderata said...

(trncated)...ethnicity, faith and colour

yellowkingdom said...

Thank you Harold for that musical touch to your blog. It certainly lends a great tune to all the rhetoric we have to deal with day-by-day in the media. This is a good way to relax while enjoying reading your thoughts.

Trashed said...

'Tis one of the most moving songs that have been sung, even though I don't understand the words.

Thanks for the musical interlude.