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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

57% Think that the Government is Having an Incestuous Relationship....

Maybe one could blame recent sex scandals of Malaysia but here are the findings of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 26 that posed the question:

"What Do You Think of the Number of Malaysian Civil Servants that is More Than Double That of Other Countries in Terms of Population Ratio?"

Thanks to the 108 readers who gave their views on the subject.

57% or 62 readers chose "It looks as if the Government is having an Incestuous Relationship with the Civil Service with the principle of “Keep Us in Power and We Will Take Care of You.”"

13% or 14 chose "Having More Civil Servants Does Not Mean the Service is More Efficient"

11% or 12 chose "The Country’s Resources Will Be Heavily Burdened in the Future"

8% or 9 chose "It is Good That the Government Gives Jobs to Graduates who will Otherwise Be Unemployed"

6% or 7 chose "The Government Has Lost All its Credibility to Rule when it Cannot Control the Numbers in the Civil Service"

4% or 4 chose "Having Spent Billions of Ringgit in IT I Expected the Numbers to Decrease and Not Increase"

It seems the majority 63% of the voters think rather poorly of the government's control over the civil servants.

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