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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Method to Detect "Kereta Potong" but.....

The move to link PUSPAKOM and the JPJ databases so that ownership transfers can be done online is a step in the right direction to eliminate the problem of "kereta potong" that is a serious problem as such vehicles are not roadworthy and will break up easily in accidents.

However by making it compulsory for ALL vehicle owners to get PUSPAKOM approval before any transfer appears to be rather drastic as some vehicles have never been involved in any serious accidents and now will have to incur extra costs.

I suggest that another party be linked to the JPJ database and that will be the insurance companies. Insurance companies should be asked to submit the chassis numbers of all vehicles that have been written off in accidents to the JPJ so that these vehicles cannot be licensed again.

If this is done properly and controlled, the market for "kereta potong" will vanish overnight.

I think there is a case for periodic inspection of ALL vehicles on some basis like:
1.Once in two years for all cars above 5 years old perhaps costing say RM80
2.annually for all vehicles above 10 years old costing RM120

The inspection can be done by PUSPAKOM approved motor garages and others like the AAM.

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