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Friday, June 22, 2007

Take Care of Your Own Responsibilities First....

Looking after public works projects must be quite a satisfying or rewarding duty.

Just examine all the add on rectification jobs that have been necessary lately:

The RM200m for the crooked bridge in JB to change into new access roads.
The RM20m just to inspect the buildings in Putrajaya.
Unknown costs to take care of pipes "bocor" and ceilings that drop on your head.
The extra retention ponds and pumps to alleviate the flood problems in KL.

One would have imagined that the Works Ministry would have tried to tried to avoid more tasks but it appears this department is a glutton for punishment.

The ministry wants to provide our fellow Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak the same real life experiences that peninsula Malaysians have experienced.

Perhaps it will create a better sense of national unity when ALL Malaysians can share the same tragedies. Maybe RTM or TV3 wants to start a new reality TV program called ,"The Next Building Failure". Only buildings constructed in the last 5 years will qualify.

1 comment:

Zawi said...

Do you see the trend? They are trying to find an excuse to spread their arms wider so that they can execute more projects themselves. They should realise that they already have their mouth full and cant chew anymore. All they need to do now is to rectify those projects that have been found to be defective, provide better supervion to existing projects so that work is done exactly as per specifications. Finally they need to study all new proposals and not rely entirely to project consultants who ultimately do a shoddy job resulting in poorly designed structure that may later result in multi million ringgit repair with big loopholes that the government will have to find more fund to rectify.