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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Are You Worried about Your Family's Safety?

How many people do you know are victims of crime like knife attacks, robbery or even rape?

I am sure some of you could even have suffered as a result of such incidents. The government appears tohave fallen asleep over the IPCMC and we should do more to wake them up to improve security in the nation.

You can do this by signing the online petition here that calls on the police to be more effective.

More effective law enforcement will help reduce the number of victims and who knows? One of those saved could well be you or your loved ones. Please sign the petition NOW.


Yan said...

I have signed online petition before but it would not be effective. Abdullah will not take any action. He still think that he has obtained the biggest mandate from Malaysian in GE & he will do it in his way i.e. do nothing about IPCMC!
The most effective ways is through GE or Demo. When they bring in FRU, that means they are serious!

Whether Mahathir, Abdullah or any other PM, they won't take PETITIONS seriously. History has proven that.

H J Angus said...

thanks for your comments.

I too feel that a petition will not affect much the response of the authorities.

It is more an exercise for the general public to become aware and learn more of what else needs to be done.

At least Malaysians are waking up from their deep sleep