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Friday, June 22, 2007

Cops Get Cracking in JB

I've just returned from the Post Office and the police have deployed a man in the vicinity.

To keep himself busy the cop was helping customers find places to park their vehicles and he was doing a good job connecting with all those who visited the post office.

Having a policeman in uniform in the vicinity creates a better sense of security among the public.It would also be good for some of these officers to be in normal clothes as I am sure there are still many crooks on the prowl.

Obviously the crooks will not attack anyone if they spot a uniform nearby.Having more plainclothes cops will be a more positive step to catching more robbers and snatch thieves.


Zawi said...

Tuan Haji,
Good observation. Hopefully they will read your posting and take heed of your advice. As it is they have made some positive steps already. Lets just keep on the heat so that they will not revert to their usual ways of being out of side and out of action. I believe let them be in uniforms so that we can feel their presence first. Otherwise the public may feel there is no action at all on the police part after the promise of putting more personnel on the beat.

H J Angus said...

thanks zawi for your comments.

I agree the uniforms are important for the public to SEE that action is being taken.