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Monday, June 25, 2007

JB - Update on Causeway Progress

A view of the massive development. The petrol station is located about 500 meters from the Checkpoint for buses.
The blocks of flats are the Bukit Cagar old flats that would probably be demolished. An ideal site for luxury condominiums?
A disfigured JB Railway Station without its clock. The station is on the right side of the curved structure in the top photo and just beside the checkpoint where bus passengers alight to get processed by immigration.
You can see part of the earthworks behind the railway station.

This is the view of the section where the cars leave JB. The new overhead bypass beams have been installed after a long period of slow activity.
That car in the foreground is close to the immigration booth.
In the distance is City Square, the nicest shopping centre closet to the Checkpoint.
If you want to catch a bus you have to walk to the bus stop on the left side of City Square across the road. Obviously the transport planner has never travelled by bus? Almost a kilometer walk.

Maybe the answer to the puzzle of that faraway bus stop is here. Just as one exits the underpass after clearing Customs, just next to the JB main police station, there are many taxis waiting.
You can see the cars queueing up to clear immigration at the Checkpoint to exit Malaysia.

Photos: Taken today on my return from Singapore.

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