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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Warnings for the SMART Tunnel?

This story shows how a minor accident can cause massive jams and should put the SMART tunnel operator on alert that a tunnel accident (only a question of time, really) can cause similar delays but with a higher danger to motorists.After all construction defects have already been accepted with the usual "that's normal here" comments by the authorities.

Tunnel disasters have already occurred in other countries where fires caused by accidents can overcome escaping motorists with noxious fumes before they reach the escape exits.

Perhaps the toll operator can inform the public of the equipment available at both ends of the tunnel so that the public will be assured that help is available within say 10 minutes of any accident. Or the government can impose such safety requirements or are we to follow the routine that nothing is planned until some people die?

Under such operating guidelines, the tunnel will be shut down if any of the signalling or ventilating systems fail.

Finally disabled drivers should not be allowed to use the SMART tunnel unless it has been designed that they will be able to escape without assistance.

Graphics: Thanks to http://www.smarttunnel.com.my/images/project/smart/pic_crosssection.jpg

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