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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Major Security Breach

Crime is rampant nowadays in the major cities of Malaysia with the deployment of more cops in Johor Bahru as the crime rate has deterred many Singaporeans from their usual trips and weekend jaunts.

Business in the city has been hurt badly and despite the dislike of Singaporeans especially from those who live in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru needs those millions of ringgit the visitors spend each year to bring prosperity to JB.

Even if some of the state leaders do not like the situation, their very existence depends on the taxes collected on quit rent, assessment and licence fees from the business owners who provide goods and services to those visitors.

Another type of crime that is not so dramatic as robberies and snatch theft is committed in secret and often goes unnoticed.
The Altantuuya murder case has many interesting aspects and others have written with more details. But I would just like to highlight one detail that points to a major security breach.

In today’s paper, it is reported that the arrival and departure records of a Mongolian witness had been erased from the Immigration database.

Is it really that simple for anyone to erase such records? If so I suggest such a situation points to a few possible scenarios that spell a major security problem:

1. Criminals can enter and exit Malaysia without a trace after the crimes.

2. Unwanted visitors can be killed and their bodies disposed without a trace.

3. Intending illegals can enter Malaysia on a social pass and then disappear until they obtain fake or stolen Mykads.

Based on the story, there should be an public inquiry on how those entry records were deleted and why.

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