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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Pursuit of Justice Gets Curiouser and Curiouser.....

The system of justice in Malaysia has been under a dark cloud ever since the wholesale sacking of senior judges some years ago.

There were also rumours of a judge and lawyer connection on holiday overseas but nothing substantial came out of that.

Now we hear that a badminton game is the cause of the DPP being withdrawn just 24 hours before the Altantuya murder trial starts resulting in a 2-week delay as requested by the newly appointed lead prosecutor.

But the story above also mentions the appointment of two other senior DPPs during the past 2 weeks and only the lead was replaced.

I read somewhere else that the new lead prosecutor is normally in charge of civil cases but surely the case of a murder does not fall within that category?

If the other 2 senior DPPs had prepared adequately prior to the trial, wouldn't any one of them been able to take the lead? There would have been no need to cause a 2-week delay.

The other delay that has caused damage to the AG's office is that the reason given seems to be "Too little, too late".

I don't know what is the actual code of conduct for lawyers and judges. But it takes at least 2 persons to play the game of badminton and if the code had been breached, what action is being taken for the two players?

Photo: Taken near Perth, 2005

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