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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Transparency? Just Think Out of the Box

If this is the only measure that the Elections Commission can think of after so many years it is small wonder that democracy and representative government is such a fragile flower in Malaysia.

Of course we do have the elections at the stipulated intervals but these are some of the more blatant offences committed during the election campaigns:

1.Use of government posts and facilities as seen in the frenzied "official" duties during elections.

2.Bribing voters with development projects that miraculously appear during elections as in Ijok.

The use of indelible ink is OK but I suppose a few dozen will prefer not to vote as they don't want to spoil their appearance.

The other function of the EC that should come under close scrutiny should be how they delineate seats and also the disproportionate weight given to rural seats. There should be a Parliamentary Committee to overseer this activity and also the supervision of postal votes.

I am sure readers will be able to think of some other measures that will improve the efficiency and proper functioning of the EC. The RM10.8million spent on those new election boxes would have been more useful to pay for a team of election observers from other democratic Commonwealth nations.

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Trashed said...

In some theme parks overseas, they stamp your hand at the exit with an invisible ink that can be seen by UV light. This happens if you wish to exit and re-enter (together with your ticket, of course).

Why can't this be used ?

PeterP said...

Invisible ink that can be seen by UV light would mean every single voter would have to be scanned b4 being allowed to vote. Surely, this would slow down the voting process. Cost wise, each voting centre would need to have at least one scanner.

Err, could I have the contract to supply the scanners if you get the contract to supply the invisible ink ? Ha, ha....

H J Angus said...

You can if it is via open tender!

I was thinking - if invisible ink is used, how does one ensure if there is actually any ink applied?

PeterP said...

Open tender ? No problem, as I have already filled in the contract sum using the invisible ink. This is to allow for adjustments (i.e. your percent) to the figure after I'm awarded the contract.