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Monday, June 04, 2007

People with Sight may Not See or the Fear of an Entire Nation

I watched a documentary on a Health Project in North Korea and the documentary was about the large scale operations of a team of doctors who performed about 1000 operations on eye patients as a charity project.

It was on the National Geographical Channel and called "Inside North Korea" and the most striking thing about the documentary was the complete gratitude of the recovered patients to the nation's leader, KIM Jong Il.

The documentary highlighted the scenes when the eye bandages were removed and how the patients reacted on seeing again or even for the first time. The strangest thing was that no one thanked the doctors profusely but they all focussed their gratitude on the top leader. It was quite scary.

There was a picture of him on the wall and the moment the bandages were removed, all the patients really became obsessive about paying their respects to their "great leader" as if he were a God.

North Korea became independent shortly after WW2 and has been under the tight control of just one man and his father for the past 50 odd years.

It is not only a dictatorship but whole families can be severely punished or killed if one member voices a protest against the leaders. The documentary described prison camps with 50,000 detainees where starvation is a normal condition.

You can read more about North Korea here.

The feature showed how government propaganda can really hold the masses captive and I guess the message from this is that we must pay the price for freedom and that is eternal vigilance.
Do you think Malaysians too have become blind?

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Yan said...

I have seen that documentary too. The basic or the common factor is FEAR. That's why the Dictators (like Kim, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin etc) or politicians always would like to instil FEAR to the people in order to control them. I don't think most of the North koreans really "worship" Kim, it's just sandiwara due to FEAR, especially with cameras focusing on them.

likewise, our UMNO guys in the previous AGM also warn us about "amok", "May13", "Kris with bloodsed" etc to creat fear amongst us. The majority of the Malaysians would like to avoid bloodsed & racial war (like former Yogoslavia or race riot in Indonesia afew years ago) & that's why BN under UNMO (together with his puppets MCA, MIC etc) would continue to rule us for many years to come. BTW, I'm the minority who voted opposition since I began to vote. I hope more people would drop that FEAR factor & join the minority to vote-out those bullies.