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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Driving the SMART tunnel

If you need to drive through the SMART tunnel please do the following as it may help to save your life and those of your passengers.

1. Try to follow the speed of the traffic flow. If everyone is driving at 70kpm you should follow that speed as that means you reduce the number of cars overtaking you.

2. Keep a safe distance from the car in front. I suggest a minimum of 30 meters. In case of emergency and you need to stop, try to stop at least 10 meters from the car in front.

3. In case of accident and the road ahead is totally blocked, lock your vehicle at the side of the road and move quickly towards the escape points. Wait until the passage is cleared before getting back to your vehicle.

Since only cars are allowed inside the tunnel,any accident has the risk of the cars catching fire and if you stop too close to the vehicle in front the fire will spread to your own car in the enclosed space.

If a fire occurs, the most likely cause of death will be from toxic fumes as most cars have a lot of plastic materials.

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